Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mexico City mayor wants to bring beaches to capital

MEXICO CITY — Mexico's huge inland capital is famous for spicy food, museums and mariachi music, but Mayor Marcelo Ebrard wants to give it a more coastal attraction: beaches.

Inspired by urban beaches in European capitals and a wave of hot weather, Ebrard said he wants to put sand for sun bathing at in four points in Mexico City.

The sand is already being stored in the capital and work might be started as soon as next week, he said.

"We want to have the artificial beaches in several points in the city for those who do not have a way to get out (to the seaside), which is the great majority," Ebrard said.

Ebrard added that temperatures could reach the mid-90s and beaches would help people escape the heat.

European capitals including Paris, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam and Budapest have opened similar sand-in-the-city installations.

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