Tuesday, December 25, 2007

5 Franchises You Can Open With Less Then $10K

I've stumbled upon a great list of low cost franchises. We tend to think of franchises as Subway or McDonalds - i.e. something that requires huge upfront investments, but here is a cool list of low cost francises that you can start with less then $10K.

1. All About Honeymoons. $9,000 minimum. The company now has 105 franchises in the U.S. and Canada. All About Honeymoon, as the name implies, is capitalizing on a niche market - honeymoon and destination weddings. The concept is having a huge impact on the travel industry and is the only one of a kind.

2. SafeJourney Pet Sitting. $5,000 minimum. SafeJourney is also a straightforward franchise. A huge percent of the companion animal market share, pet-sitting and dog walking are big business. SafeJourney franchisees can either manage the business alone, performing all duties and retaining all earnings or hire additional employees and increase the size of the company.

3. American Billing System. $7,450 minimum. Medical billing and electronic claims processing via the Internet is just one of the ways you can make money with American Billing Systems. They have identified five additional billing services you can offer to doctors and other businesses in your area. With this franchise, your market is much larger than just medical providers.

4. Mad Dog Enegry Products. $10,000 minimum. The Lack of Energy is the most common health complaint of adult and with your Buzz Bites, you are helping them nix this problem!

Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews are the perfect complement to the crazy, fast-paced lifestyle Americans live. Millions of Americans every day stop at a coffee shop and blow $6 on a cup of coffee. When they start seeing Buzz Bites around their office place, and know that they only have to spend $0.50 to get the same buzz with no waiting in line and no coffee breath they will instantly start dropping cash in your Buzz Bites vending machines.

5. VacuVent. $10,000 minimum. Commercial as well as residential vent and duct cleaning is a fast growing industry, and will keep growing at a very fast pace. More and more people and businesses are becoming aware of the benefits of clean and healthy indoor air. Many unexplained allergies and health problems can be solved by removing dust particles, pollen, mold and other debris from the air in your home or business. Most people do not realize that their Air Ducts are virtual breeding grounds for dust, dust mites, bacteria, fungi and thousands of other microorganisms.


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