Sunday, October 09, 2011

Domain Name News Digest

1. Dotcom Falls Into Baby Name Domain

This is a topic close to my heart and I have to say I agree whole-heartedly – well, it's a good idea, anyway. Parents are picking baby names based upon the availability of a domain name that matches. For instance, if you want to name your kid John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, you would check to see if was available before settling.

2. Surviving Band Members Battle For Pantera.Com

The surviving members of PANTERA are involved in a legal battle with their former webmaster over the domain name, which once served as the band's official web site (since February 2003, PANTERA's official web site has been located at According to the legal portal, which maintains a database of Federal District Court filings and dockets, webmaster Leif Alfenas filed a lawsuit.

3. Are Domain Names Overrated?

Last week a newborn baby left the hospital with a birth certificate reading “”. Well not exactly. As reported in story by The Associated Press, Mark Pankow, father of Bennett Pankow, registered the internet domain name.

4. Lower Prices Result In Surge Of Chinese Domain Name Registrations

An aggressive price promotion in China of website domain names with the ".cn" top-level domain helped spur a fivefold increase in the number of websites using the suffix, according to the company that operates many of the web's core directories.

5. How To Transfer A Domain Name

The first thing to do is to log into the old registrar, where the domain is currently being managed, and make sure the domain is not locked and that all the registration information is correct. This is important because the domain registry information is used during the transfer process, so make sure the email address listed is yours (or you have access to it). From here, log into the new registrar and request a domain transfer. This is where complications arise, as the registrars look for verification that you are the owner of the domain.

6. What's a perfect domain anyway?

We all know the Internet is an endless spring of community, entertainment, commerce and information. Unlike traditional mediums (print, TV, radio, brick and mortar businesses), the web promotes interaction by enabling everyone with a computer and a connection to cautiously dip their toes or cannonball full force into the world's biggest pool party. Encouraging that do-it-yourself spirit in each of us are an endless line of designers, programmers and hosts who are anxious to assist even the most technically timid to sprout wings with their own site. However, you'll never make it out of the nest if you don't have the perfect domain name for your site. And thus, the search begins.

7. Top 30 Underused Great Domain Names

These are all great domain names ... but the sites suck. It's either ads, nothing or half-dead web pages. Too bad because, as you'll see, most of these domains are AWESOME and cost quite a lot.

8. Typo-squatter faces 20 years in jail

A man in Nevada is facing a possible 20 years in jail after trying to defraud people out of their domain names. David Scali pleaded guilty in court to a charge of mail fraud after being caught out in the scam. Scali registered an email under a false name and pretended to be an intellectual property lawyer, threatening $100,000 lawsuits unless domain name holders signed over their property within 48 hours.

9. Tiny Pacific Island Gets Its Fair Share Of Domain Money

Just as the United Kindgom was given the “.uk” suffix for use in website addresses, Tokelau was granted the “.tk” suffix for its website addresses. In 2001, the island’s government was approached by Joost Zuurbier, an internet entrepreneur, with a view to his company licensing the rights to the website extension and sharing some of the revenue generated from these sites with the Tokelau government and its people.

10. Contextual advertising litigation heats up

Previous litigation against contextual advertising involved adware companies that delivered pop-up advertisements promoting competitors’ Web sites when Internet users visited sites such as and 1-800 Those cases had mixed results, with some courts finding that such business practices constituted legitimate comparative advertising no different than displaying low-cost generic brands next to name brands on grocery store shelves. The most recent iteration in this line of cases comes from American Airlines, which sued Google in August for selling advertisements on search results pages for “American Airlines” to Web sites promoting cheap airfare.


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