Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cool Startups - Beaucoo.Ca

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With all the mobile app startups that have been springing to prominence lately, there's no arguing, the mobile phone app space is on fire. In Calgary, a startup named Beaucoo is starting to resonate among women. Beaucoo is an iPhone app that allows women to network with friends and other women with the same body dimensions, share information about clothes they've already tried on and where to find the best clothing stores.

All you need to do is sign up, enter your dimensions, and the app shows you photos of women whose sizes are similar to yours, all of whom wearing clothes from stores they have already shopped in. Aside from seeing how the clothes fit (without you actually trying them on), you get to discover new fashion, new places to shop in and new friends, all the while saving time, energy and money.

Beaucoo doesn't stop there. When you're out shopping, you can take a picture of the skirt, pants, dress or shirt you've tried on and add a quick rating. The more you use the app, the more discounts and exclusive shopping benefits you get from brands and shops who will now be competing for your business.

According to Beaucoo's CEO and co-founder, Christian McLean, the idea for the app came to him after watching his wife spending hours online talking about fashion with other women, finding out if clothes she saw on models would fit. The easiest way to find this out was talk with women with the same body frame. Problem was, oftentimes, this information, after hours and hours of collaboration, disappears from forums, Facebook, etc., rendering it useless for others who might find it of value.

Beaucoo is all geared up for its beta launch and looking for women who might want to sign up through Using the links provided on the signup page, the woman who helps the company get the most signups will be given a $100 gift certificate to an apparel store of her choice and an invite to Beaucoo’s VIP beta testing group. The company is also looking for partner brand and retailer introductions.

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