Monday, June 04, 2012

Siteomania - Five Cool Sites To Explore

1. PrintLuna.Com
PrintLuna is a new service that allows you do design and print any book online. Its speciality is quality photoalbums, moderately prices ($7.70 to start with) with no minimum number of copies required, meaning you can order only one. Books are normally shipped to your home or, if intented as gift, to the address you enter, but you can also sell your books through PrintLuna and they’ll take care of everything from shipping to handling transactions.

MP3 revolution has already drastically cut the costs of how much you pay for your music. Remember, only a decade ago, paying $20 for a CD seemed perfectly ‘normal’. Nowadays, you can get any track for 99 cents or even less. MP3Mixx is a MusicLine Limited affiliate that sells music for as low as 15 cents per track. Unfrortunatelly, you have to register and log in (it’s free) first, before you can get access to full library and payment plans

Every business needs a logo and if you call your local designer, you’ll quickly how expensive creation of even the simplest logo can be. But don’t pull your wallet out yet - head over to Logaster, free logo creating service with a unique twist. A lot of online services offer free logo creation. Logaster is the only one that offers $4,99 a month subscription plan that enables you to also create branded products, like business card, envelopes, etc.

If you are a YouTube regular, you know YouTube doesn’t want you to download any videos from the site, since they make money only by showing you ads with the video they stream. So if you need to download YouTube video and you don’t know how it’s done - head over to, 100% free software that downloads high definition YouTube videos without quality loss.

Looking for a simple way to create cool photo collages? Head over to, a free online service with tons of social pins to choose from. Upload your picture, select a pin you want to use, merge the two with a click – and it’s done. We told you it’s that simple.


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